1.  Boarding must be paid one month in full on date horse begins board.

2.  Payment must be provided via bank draft after 1st month board (Evermore Ranch will 
      draft your account thereafter).

3.  Proof of negative Coggins Test must be provided to Stable.

4.  Proof of Annual Vaccinations must be provided to Stables and must be provided to horse
     on annual basis at horse owner cost. Annual vaccinations must include the following:

  •   Tetanus Toxoid
  •   Eastern and Western Equine Encephalomyelitis (sleeping sickness)
  •   Rabies
  •   West Nile Encephalomyelitis
  •   Strangles
  •   Influenza
  •   Pregnant mares must be administered Rhinophenumonitis as the proper intervals duringgestation

5.  No paid lessons are allowed to be provided by horse boarders.

6.  All riders (visitors and guests of horse boarders) must sign a liability release form and 
      follow all stable rules PRIOR TO RIDING. 

7.  No dogs are allowed unless prior approval has been given by Stable owner. 

8.  No parking on GRASS. Please park on concrete or pavement. Evermore Ranch 
      works hard to make the Ranch a beautiful place for all boarders and we appreciate 
      everyone adhering to this rule.

9.  Please leave stables/barn, etc. in same or better shape than you found it. We are 
      not a housekeeping service and will not tolerate trash, tack, and other items left out 
      and not put in its proper place. 

10.  Unattended children will not be tolerated. The Ranch can be an unpredictable place, 
       please watch children for their own safety!

11. All children under the age of 16 must wear an approved helmet. 

12. No smoking in any of the barns and only smoke in designated smoking areas. Properly disposing of ciggarettes is required. No spitting of chewing tobacco in trash cans or discarding on grounds.